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Once associated only with estates, dumbwaiters today offer affordable convenience. With the increasing popularity of multi-level homes, the dumbwaiter has come into demand. A long list of available options, capacities, and custom car sizes may be tailor-fit to your needs. Dumbwaiters are a stunning selling point for new homes, and a wonderful touch when remodeling.

The Waupaca Cable-Waiter® Dumbwaiter

The Cable-Waiter dumbwaiter excels at transporting everything from delicate crystal dinnerware to laundry and groceries in a residential application. This versatile performer is also right at home in other light-duty uses such as small offices and medical clinics for record and supply movement. Custom car sizes (metal cars only) let Elevators of Texas supply a dumbwaiter to meet any specific need.

Available with wood, steel, and stainless steel cars, the Cable-Waiter handles a 50 or 100 lb net load. A roll-top gate and shelf are standard on the wood car version, while metal cars offer steel shelves and a bi-parting gate. Safety is assured with a standard slack cable monitoring device, car safeties, top limit switches, and UL® /cUL® certified controllers.

Commercial Dumbwaiters

Elevators of Texas can install commercial grade dumbwaiters with net load capacities up to 500 pounds. Cars are standard in painted steel and optionally available in stainless steel, with either bi-parting or slide-up gates. Commercial hoistway doors are available to complete the package for safety and code compliance.

Winding drum drive systems and heavy-duty steel guide rails are designed for longevity and efficiency in commercial use, such as lifting medical or legal records, prepared food, wheeled carts, firewood, or groceries and laundry.

Homeowners as well will find our commercial grade dumbwaiters ideal when larger and heavier loads must be moved in the residence.

Contact us early in elevator planning stage. Our sales representative will assist you through your options and help you find the right elevator for your project. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing home, we consult directly with homebuilders or homeowners every step of the way, from design to install completion.


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